Active fun
for everyone

Play, escape, jump, climb,
and explore an enormous
range of active attractions!

Active Play & Arcade

Tag Interactive

An arena based game designed to test strategy, speed, agility, awareness, and bravery. TAG active promotes fun, fitness, and competion.

Omni arena vr

Up to 4 players can run around in VR and play competitive esports from a library of 20 games.

Valo Climb

ValoClimb is the original augmented reality climbing wall, with a variety of games, levels, and modes for kids and climbers.

Valo Jump

ValoJumo is an award-winning digital trampoline game that enables jumpers of any skill level, size and age to get into the game.

Spree VR

Family-friendly, multiplayer, free-roam VR arena delivers a wide range of family-friendly, educational, and esports games.

40 Piece Arcade

For anyone who's ready for video game fun our 40-piece arcade has something for everyone.


Stomp is a unique, interactive play attraction that packs tons of action into a small space. Players join a fun, friendly, challenging competition.

Toddler World

Our Toddler World are is a safe space filled with fun, active attractions, and games for your little ones that help develop their individual sensory skills and promote motor functions.

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